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Students in a long tail boat in Indonesia. Photo by Aaron Slosberg, Indonesia Semester.


X-Phase is a week where the students plan the entire week. We have been in Sumba for the past 4 days.

Day 1: We began by boarding an eight hour ferry from flores where our homestay was to Waingapu, Sumba. On our ferry we bought ecomony tickets and boarded last so it seemed rather grim that we would have any place to sit. However our indo bule luck kicked in. Some of us sat in the VIP section and most of us adventured upstairs to the staff floor. On the top floor we met some of staff. So picture this- a super crowded ferry and walking upstairs to an upper deck with plenty of room and then karoke is broken out. Our group and the staff sang karoke for the duration or our ferry ride. We belted a judith ton of Celene Dion. A classic bizzare indo moment.

Day 2: We spent our first day resting and exploring a traditonal village and ate street food at a park. We stumbled across a performance of traditonal dance, hip hop, poetry with dramatic music in the back, and Eddy and Beck sang and played guitar. To finish off our night we had a heated game of werewolf.

Day 3: We woke up and drove through the arid mountains with many water buffalo, horses and cows. We went on a hike to a waterfall. After about an hour hike we made it to a beautiful waterfall full with a variety of pools and rocks to hang out in.  It was an oasis in the dry landscape. We made some unique dog friends at lunch and some curious ones came up to us in hopes of food scrapes. Some had rather unique atamonies and became stars of our songs that we made as we drove to a beach where we swam and relaxed. We drove to a beach for sunset  that had mangrove trees. Finally we topped the day of with a buffet full of tradional Indonesian food.

Day 4: We left our first hotel and drove to Waikabubak. On route we stopped at ” the hills”. Which has rolling hills from every angle. We had solo time, some of us yelled and roared at the top of the hills. We stopped for lunch and after a few hours ended up in Waikabubak. We scavanged for food and wandered around the city. We ended the night with delicous chocolate and peanut pancakes from a street food stand.

Day 5: This was our waterfall day. We saw two of the most magical waterfalls. The first involved trekking upstairs, walking on a pipe and the jungle. Once we got there, we were all in complete awe. The water was aqua, the waterfall itself was so tall, if you stood under the waterfall you would be absoutley destroyed by the pounding water. This waterfall was distinctly different from the previous one. The power of raw uncommerialzed nature struck us all. After trekking back and eating our boxed lunches. At lunch i spotted a indonesian squirel- a tokek.  We went to the second waterfall, what made this so speacial was that you could not see the entirety of the waterfall unless you were sumberged in the water directly below it. water cascaded down from many many green lush layers.

Day 6: We are going to a traditonal Sumbanese village then one beach to snorkle and swim. After we will have time to relfect on our Langa homestays and x phase as we watch the sunset at a new beach.

Day 7: We are going to drive to a city near the airport and will go to a beach, a traditonal village and a lagoon for sunset.

Day 8: we will continue exploring and being dragons.

Day 9: Fly to Malaysia to renew our visas.

We are all looking forward to our final month in Indonesia and all the bizzare, beautiful, moments ahead of us.

~ sampai jumpa ~