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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

X-Phase Day One: A Birthday Rhino

The general summary of our first day of X-Phase can be summarized with: travel on comfortable bus down winding hillsides to the Terai listening to extensive group playlist and napping. The day was relatively uneventful and quite pleasant.
Once arriving in Chitwan we settled into our Rhino Land home, and waiting hours for dinner to be freshly prepared. All day, time seemed to pass extraordinarily slowly. Then, in a matter of mere minutes, we were given our formal Chitwan welcome with an abundance of excitement.

On the 27th, our dear Leija celebrated her 19th birthday, and a cake was hand delivered to us. Complete with sparklers and massive candles, the chocolate cake was decadent and just what we needed after a long day. We sang a charming rendition of happy birthday and energy was high. Then the sparklers almost caught Scout’s hair on fire. Then a candle fell and began to burn the cardboard. Then Raj, the owner of our hotel, ran inside and yelled “RHINO OUTSIDE,” at which point everyone jumped up, leaving the burning flames of celebration to see a many-thousand pound rhino lumber past our home, casually and non-nonchalantly checking us all out.

Welcome to Chitwan. Happy Birthday, Leija.