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Rice paddy terraces

X-Phase Finalized Plans

Hey families,

The group just finished our final X-Phase planning session, and we have the schedule for our next week ready:

11/24: Transport from Nanyao to Lijiang, free day in Lijiang.

11/25: TCM lesson in Lijiang.

11/26: Transport to Shaxi, free day in Shaxi.

11/27: Day of activities with hostel owner, including pepper picking and Bai dance lesson.

11/28: Morning lesson on Taiwan, optional hike, transport to Dali.

11/29: Free day in Dali.

11/30: Cooking class in Dali.

12/01: X-phase ends, Transference begins. Happy Birthday to Bennett.

After this, we have Transference and then the course ends. Our flights home are on December 6th. All students are looking forward to seeing their families and telling them all about our adventures!