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X-Phase Itinerary from your new I-team

Hello loyal readers! X-phase (student-led expedition phase) is here and the students are taking over as our favorite I-team is finally getting the rest they deserve. As we crossed the border from Senegal to Guinea, the landscape is beautiful, the architecture is distinctive, the weather is cooler, and we have a lot to look forward to. So without further ado its time to present you with the x-phase itinerary we’ve been working hard to create.

We left our rural homestays in Temento Samba on November 18th at the crack of dawn. After 19 hours of travel, including some road side stops for attaya, we finally reached the small town of Timbi Madina, our first stop in Guinea. Here we have spent our time in homestays learning about the history of Guinea, the ebola epidemic, and some essential Pulaar needed to negotiate and plan our way through x-phase.

Next, The group will head to Douki on November 20th. Here we will take every opportunity to take in the natural beauty of the area through a series of hikes and history lessons from a local guide. We will get to see some incredible mountains, cliffs, and waterfalls – all fan favourites of your new i-team.

On November 23rd, on our way from Douki to Maliville, we plan to stop in Labe for lunch and a trip to the market. We also hope to make a visit to Alpha’s plant and medicinal herb garden to learn more about the local environment and sustainable development in Guinea.

We will reach Maliville, our final destination in Guinea, the night of the 23rd for a four day stay. In Maliville we are excited to hopefully learn the local practice of indigo dying and fabric weaving. Along with this we are excited to see La Dame du Mali – a beautiful hike to a mountain said to resemble a woman’s face. Furthermore, Maliville will be a great place for us to continue exploring our ISPs and gain a Guinean perspective on our topics.

All of our hikes in x-phase will hopefully have prepared us well for our 2 day trek from Malivillle back to Dindefelo in Senegal on the 26th and 27th. From there we will head to all the way back to Thies for 2 nights before heading to Toubab Dialaw for transferance.

Sadly, due to the lack of internet available in Guinea and our incredibly busy schedule through x-phase we can’t ensure that any of us will have internet time to connect home until the 29th, but Happy (early) Thanksgiving from your favorite Dragons!!!!