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100 Things We’re Grateful For

In celebration of our 100th day in Senegal, we gathered to reflect on the wonderful time we’ve had here thus far, each day being its own unique gift. And in that vein, what better way to reminisce on our time here than to come up with 100 things we’re grateful for on our 100th day! So with that, see below for our list. And though not mentioned, we are all grateful for each and every one of you that follows our adventure on Yak and is invested in our experiences!

  1. Yaay Khady’s Creme bouyee and bisapp
  2. Pape Laye (our group tailor)
  3. KINE (sunu yaay boye)
  4. Drums
  5. The ocean
  6. Millet beignets
  7. Sugared peanuts
  8. Boutiques
  9. Keba (sunu professor)
  10. Empty clothes lines
  11. Dates (the fruit)
  12. Convenience of fruit stands on every block
  13. When Modou and Aminata smile
  14. Yaay Elu’s charet
  15. Christine – my favorite student at SOS Village des Enfants
  16. Program House WiFi
  17. View from the Program house roof at sunset
  18. Watermelon cut by Yaay Fanjaay after dinner
  19. Abdulay and Abu – Pate and Kati’s the chakri guys
  20. Wax print fabric
  21. People who take your change on the bus and pass it back
  22. Man who paid for my bus ticket
  23. Tata bus drivers and taxi drivers
  24. Birds
  25. Babacar
  26. Angelica
  27. Berta
  28. Serigne B and Soxna Aisha
  29. The “tree” metaphor
  30. Senegalese dancing
  31. Carlou D
  32. Dene
  33. Bowling
  34. The lighthouse
  35. The #4 bus
  36. Colorful fishing boats
  37. Attaya and fattaya
  38. Tigadega (peanut butter)
  39. Ginaar yassa with Moroccan cous cous
  40. Astou and Mame Maty’s helpfulness
  41. Long car rides
  42. Our Thanksgiving Feast
  43. The fact that the Sun rises everyday
  44. The sky
  45. The bull that was sacrificed in Dene
  46. Good conversations
  47. Bum guns
  48. Bucket showers
  49. Laughing cow
  50. Crunchy rice
  51. Sukay, Kate’s breakfast lady
  52. Good health
  53. Our program house library
  54. View from the Program House roof
  55. Book club
  56. The Heat!
  57. The shade tree in Mouit
  58. The sunset in Mouit
  59. Ecobank and Auchan
  60. Brioche Doree and the fact that it’s open 24/7
  61. Friendly Senegalese people
  62. Bus friends
  63. The beauty of Wolof
  64. The Koran teacher at Empire des Enfants
  65. Conversations with my homestay dad Ibou
  66. All my older brothers at Mbayeen who tease me
  67. Running water
  68. Cafe Touba
  69. Meew (which means milk)
  70. Bisko
  71. Mats that protect us from worms
  72. Kirene water
  73. Meditation Monday
  74. The call to prayer
  75. Wolof greetings
  76. Sachet ndox
  77. The butterfly invasion of Dakar
  78. Runs with Hussein and Birama on the beach
  79. The Sun
  80. Mburu ak chocopain (Bread and chocolate)
  81. Sleepovers at Babacar’s House
  82. Dene group sleepover
  83. Mayacine (Babacar’s Dad)
  84. Roof workouts with family
  85. Papa Babacar’s xam-xam (knowledge)
  86. Tanganas
  87. Mohammad, guy at the boutique
  88. Little boys who wash sheep at the beach
  89. Technology that allows to connect with people here and at home
  90. Watching football (soccer) games
  91. Pod et Marichou (Senegalese telenovela)
  92. Girls Night
  93. Carrots
  94. Birthday cakes
  95. Cooking at Angelica’s
  96. Bowl style eating
  97. Maggi (spice put on EVERYTHING, full of MSGs)
  98. The cute Kirene add
  99. Fans
  100. THE GROUP