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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

A Poem for Transference

While reflecting on our coming journey home, I wrote a little poem:

“America ramro chha.”
A sentiment we’ve heard many a time,
But what does it mean?

My life is no better at home than here,
But maybe that’s because of the power I wield.

I like to think I’ve explored things through a Nepali lens,
But this is impossible: I’m still an American.
When these three months are up I go back home,
Back to Montana with its lakes and mountains and space to roam;
Maybe this time will just fade into the background.

Or maybe it can be something more,
A way for me to jump off, take flight, and soar.
I must bring home my new found perspective,
And convince people that we need to be more reflective.

I’m sure some won’t take me seriously;
They’ll laugh in my face or just look at me curiously.
But the least I can do is make an attempt;
Teach people what it’s like here and to not treat it with contempt.

And even if I can only change one mind,
I think I’ll have achieved what I came here to find.