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Animal Photo Contest

So as a group, we’ve decided to try out a new way of yakking to spice things up (in addition to normal yaks potentially…). Every week, we’re going to try a new photo contest where each participant in the program will post a photo from their week related to a topic chosen on Monday. The past Monday we decided that our inspiration would be “Animals.” So here goes! (:


This photo was taken on my first day of my NGO transition into office work. I had previously been working with street children living at the shelters, but after much discussion, it was decided that I would try out working in the office, meaning that I would be away from the children who had very much become my “comfort zone.” My stomach was literally filled with butterflies (HA…puns) the morning of, but once I arrived at DreamHouse, one of the children from the shelter reassured me, by running in and out of the office, bringing in stolen rambutan from the neighbor’s trees and drawings that he had made the weekend before. Eventually, he brought in this butterfly that he had caught behind the office. It crawled up and down my hand as I typed up my report on the shelter, staying with me the whole day and ironically grounding me (: