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Students in a long tail boat in Indonesia. Photo by Aaron Slosberg, Indonesia Semester.

Chaotic Dividers

This trip truly meant the world to me…

Throughout my life my teachers and friends have always refered to themselves and myself as “American citizens” (I do not disagree, the quotes are to provide a point).

A few years back I began to question that statement of just being a citizen of my country. Because I was not just born in America; for years I’ve been overlooking the the obvious point: that the United States is part of the world.

After that lucid moment when I began to refer to myself as a citizen of the world, my mindset changed, and I did not understand why no one else realized this as well.

Our world has put up these invisible walls, whether it be racial, political, or national dividers. Our biases and actions impact the everyday lives of everyone around us, whose lifes are just as intricate and complex as our own, possibly even more.

So, I went on this trip to show the world that some people still care to see her beauty of her places and people. This trip has only strengthened and reinforced these ideas of mine, and has given me stories to show my opinions to others.

Because life is chaotic and that is beautiful.