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Defowo is a very demanding job. you have to feed 15 people, including yourself, 3 meals a day plus snacks. Also this group needs a lot of snacks. You’re in charge of a lot. luckily we had Saliou who could assist us in coordinating meals, sending people to get bread, and knowing lots of good restaurants. Everyday we started by purchasing 10 baguettes for breakfast. After that we would coordinate with Saliou to find a suitable restaurant or someone to cook for lunch. Almost immediately after lunch was done, we would start to plan dinner. Every couple of days we restocked the breakfast box and bought lots and lots of snacks.

Throughout X-Phase the group cooked two dinners, including a large thanksgiving feast. As Defowo’s we organized a mass market run in Maliville for all the thanksgiving food along with planned meals for trek. We cooked mashed potatoes, chicken, carrots, and pasta and we also made pasta with vegetables on trek.

Phoebe was in charge of breakfast and organizing group food on trek. Charlie with the help of others cooked dinner and typically worked closely with Saliou to arrange lunch and dinner. We think we pleased the group in our roles as they were well fed, content and alive.

Sincerely, your Defowo team,

Phoebe and Charlie