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Greetings and Photos from the Winter Excursion!

Dear Friends and Family of Bridge Year India students,
Namaste from Goa! The group is currently on their excursion and as you follow their adventures from afar we want to update you on their itinerary. For the excursion, the group has been joined by additional support staff Rishi Bhandari who flew in from Kathmandu to support the group travel.
December 15 – 16th morning:
The group embarked on a long and scenic car and train journey from Udaipur to Mumbai
December 18: 
The group took an early train to Pune and enjoyed a wonderful home-cooked meal at staff Uttara’s parents’ house.
December 19:

The group is… currently taking an overnight bus from Pune to Goa!

December 20-27

The group will be celebrating winter holidays in Pune, meeting with local experts and exploring some of the area’s beautiful mangrove wilderness via kayak.

December 28:
Flight and bus ride back to Udaipur!
Thanks to everyone who follows the group on the Yak Board and Namaste.