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Happy Thanksgiving

I know it is late and December, but I wanted to wish all of you fellow Yak readers a Happy Thanksgiving!

After coming back to San Juan, from our 3-week long journey through Guatemala and Mexico, we were all excited to share one of our traditions from back home with our homestay families! Especially, after we had all learned so much from them, we wanted to give back.

Now on to sharing what we did during this special dinner. Our homestay families all dressed us up! As seen in the photo, we were wearing the traditional traje of San Juan. The chicas were wearing the huipil and corte and the chicos were wearing camisa and pantalones tejidos. We all met in the community biblioteca. All of our homestay moms were there, some along with their husbands and children.

After we arrived and mingled with each other, we students presented our ISPs. One by one, all of us shared our projects in Spanish (or as much Spanish as we could speak). Our homestay mothers were so proud of what we had learned from our time in Guatemala. It was so nice to see the joy in their faces every time someone had spoken about their project. Once we were finished sharing our projects, we had an amazing dinner.

Although we did not have a turkey, our homestay mums prepared tamales! It was so considerate of them, especially because this type of food takes hours to prepare and make. It is a meal usually eaten during Christmas, due to the amount of work put into making it. It showed us that even for the mums, this dinner was special. Some of the students also made mashed sweet potatoes and carrots.

There was a lot of positive energy in the room, and everyone was extremely happy to have been able to have a Thanksgiving dinner.

I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving back home was amazing! See you in a couple days!