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Students in a long tail boat in Indonesia. Photo by Aaron Slosberg, Indonesia Semester.

Ibu Arnie

Our time could not be bought with my Ibu.
I miss you Ibu.
To whom it may consume, soon I will skip school,
I will move to see you, our time will bloom.
There will be no red rule, we can get matching tattoo,
We can eat sate every night,
You and I will not fight,
I will speak Bahasa right,
I will fly straight to Jogja like a kite.
Our time will be nothing less than bright,
Ride on motorcycles,
I might,
We will santai,
Go to the pantai,
Everyday, all day in the rumah,
Java is better than Sumba,
I was lost before I knew ya,
Now I have the best Indonesian mother,
And two new brothers,
With love I am smothered,
But with blankets, I am not covered,
Because in Jogja it is very hot,
But that is okay,
Because teman-teman; there are a lot,
About the culture I was taught,
But there is so much more to learn,
Sambal still makes my stomach churn,
But I want to teach you about my culture,
Come to stay in my house,
It is your turn,
Your family is mine,
And my family is yours,
Nothing can stop us from meeting again,
Not even an army,
I love you, Ibu Arnie.