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Nepal Semester Student's Catherine Von Holt's photograph of the Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu.


hello all! My name is Sylvie – and I grew up in Brooklyn, NY – about as urban as it gets! Despite spending most of my life in the city, I have always loved to be outside and in the dirt. I am especially excited for the part of our program where we will be close to nature and traveling through the mountains … Right now, I live in Boulder CO where I study at Naropa University. My course of study is a melting pot of different disciplines centered around Yoga, performance and somatic psychology.

This is the main reason I chose to study in Nepal. I am fascinated by the religious and spiritual traditions of this region, and have spent the last several years studying Yoga, Hindu Tantra and aspects of Buddhism. These philosophies have truly changed my life and the way I see things forever, and I can think of no greater way to deepen my understanding then to visit the area of the world whose culture these traditions emerged from. I am really hoping to experience the way in which spirituality is expressed in little everyday ways, and to participate and learn from this . . .

I am both terrified and deeply excited at the idea of immersing myself in a culture I don’t understand . . . I think I am definitely most nervous at not knowing the language. But I’m also excited to meet the challenge, and to navigate my way through it – and of course to meet all of you!

Besides yoga, I like to dance, take walks by myself, and listen to music. I have a small guitar that I am thinking of bringing along as well, but we’ll see as time gets closer. I also like chai, plant foods, adventuring, and loose pants . . . so I should be at home in Nepal I think.

Truly excited to meet all of you/hope you are all well xo