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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Pastoral Sublime part 1 of 2

“Better to eat rice grown from your own hand than what others have stepped on.”

So said Lal Bahadur Tami, farmer in the hills West of Everest, and the only person I’ve met to make farm work look like a dance. If that sounds cute, check out this short progression of photos showing how he separates rice hulls from leftover bits of hay. These were leftover photos from that same day the students helped moving hay; we also spent a long half hour admiring this incredible man!

Photo 1: rice hulls suspended in the air after being thrown out of the tray

Photo 2: brings the tray up behind the head, ready to bring it down hard like a fan on the hulls. When done right, the air fanning the hulls is strong enough to blow off bits of chaff and straw, but not so strong to blow off the denser rice hulls.

Photos 3 to 5: same as photo 2, but from other perspectives.

Photo 6: Lal Bahadur catching his breath and grinning as usual. This is hard work.