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Rembering and Looking Forward

Hola amigos y familia,

Hello family and friends,

Here we are, about to finish the amazing journey we started 12 weeks ago. We have learned so many things over the time of this course – about us as individuals, about our peers in the group, about more general and broad concepts from volcanology to decolonization, and, of course, especially about Guatemala, its people and their stories.

We are reunited now in Antigua, the very first city the students visited when they arrived on September 15th. We are spending time here to reflect on the huge adventure we just had, and we are connecting some dots that are probably still loose.

Students are excited to go back home, but there is always that bittersweet taste of finishing, of having to say goodbye to the friends they made, to the lifestyle they had, to the constant stimulation of their minds. They are excited and nervous to go back home, to see you all there, to tell you all their stories, and for you to be there to listen and support the growth they have experienced over this time.

We wanted to share with you all some pictures of one of our transference activities, in which students reflected in silence and wrote things they learned from or appreciated about some of the people we encountered.

Besos y abrazos,

The I-team