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I am sitting in a field watching the sun set behind the mountains in the distance. I can scarcely make out green parrots fluttering in the branches and crows cry out as they tail a hawk smoothly sailing off through the cool mountain air. Transference has proven to be a time of introspection, observation, and reflection regarding ourselves and our group. It takes up a fraction of our time in India but is packed with emotional activities and provocative group time that guides the mind towards an incredibly contemplative state. We are all back in a contained and isolated guest house with only each other for the first time since week 1 in Phyang and I couldn’t be more happy and grateful for the environment that has been created here.  I have learned so much that it is difficult to really organize and make sense of it all but this segment of the trip helps to tie it all together and allows me to go home with peace of mind and clarity of thought in the context of my experience here.  It is refreshing to exist only in the company of the group again and the discussions that stem from this isolation and focused group work do a lot to put perspective on our time together and to conjoin all of our journeys. While we all arrive and leave together, each of us has had our own experience and hearing everyone speak to his or hers is illuminating to my own. We leave tomorrow and while I am excited to greet my family (and my dog!), I will, without a doubt, miss this special community.