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Hi friends and family!

We wanted to take a second a let everyone know about our upcoming plans for the weekend of December 21. We’re super excited this weekend to be embarking on our first entirely student planned excursion to Surakarta, the sister city of Jogja. This past week, on top of our normally hectic schedule, we’ve been working to coordinate a trip including accommodations, activities, food, and transportation in line with our predetermined budget. Along the way we experienced some productive tension that arose from 8 different working styles, great practice for our final month of student planned travel, and we’ve come up with quite a busy itinerary. It includes a stop at a local NGO focusing on human rights and women’s empowerment (in line with our months focus on gender and sexuality), local public attractions such as parks and palaces, an all day hike in the mountainous outskirts of the city to two historic temples, and stops a local markets famous for their specialties crafts and attractions like batik. Along the way, we’ll be taking three different forms of local transportation. We’ve certainly tried to pack in all that we can to explore the historic city of Solo. It’s sure to be an exciting weekend of explore here in Indonesia!! Look out for photos to come.