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Transference begins

Dear friends, family, and followers –

This morning we left behind Amritsar and concluded X-Phase. The instructors are once more instructors, the students are great, and the rides out of the dusty plains of Punjab into the Himalayan foothills are long and winding. This evening we arrived in location for transference. For the next 3 days we will be in the warm hospitality of our Himachali homestay parents, while we come together to extract meaning from the incredible experiences we’ve had and celebrate our growth as a group and as individuals.

As we lay our heads to sleep after our long day, we can see in the distance the flickering lights of Shimla, once the summer capital of British India. We are amidst magnificent pine trees and under clear skies. The air is crisp and for the first time in many weeks, it is quiet. Most importantly, we are in one another’s company for one last time, in this transient community we have built, following traditions that are scarcely 10 weeks old but held sacred.

Over the next few days we prepare to leave this group, our small family of choice with which we moved through India’s vast landscapes and narrow bylanes, and return home. We are excited for you to meet again the young people who love and have missed you, and whose hearts will always hold a place for each other and for the time we spent in this wonderful place of becoming.

Until soon,

Team India