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Students in a long tail boat in Indonesia. Photo by Aaron Slosberg, Indonesia Semester.

What advice/how can you cope – coming home…

Think it could be very hard going home to all the things we established are now in our panic zones that were once parts of our lives and values before we came here, but keep in mind there are still 15 relationships that are still just as strong regardless of distance. We still have each other to confide in no matter what. ##

Knowing how much control you have of how your life is simple by your own mindset. You will need to hold yourself responsible for keeping & practicing the values you have learned here. Know that knowing something is different than taking action & taking action is much harder but is where you learn and grow. Also knowing how much choice you hold in, how you live your life at home. You will learn just as much if not more when you  figure out how your new values mesh with your home. Kindly knowing that ADVENTURE & Beauty is abundant at home and that you have all of us to support. ##

While the time and experiences we’ve shared together are finite, the relationships and memories we’ve cultivated will endure for our life time, as long as we chose to nurture and celebrate them. We must remember the abundance of love, sharing, spirituality and happiness we found within our group and throughout some of the most impoverished corners of the globe. Now stepping back into a materially affluent society. We must carry on the values and lessons we’ve learned, and approach our communities with the love and generosity we’ve seen and experienced. We have so much to give! Also, we should remember our abundance of choices we have the agency to make on a daily basis regarding who we want to be, and large scale, how we want to live. There are always more avenues than may appear. Reach out, love abundantly, and remember. ##

Stay in contact with everyone from the group.  ##

Don’t be over stimulated too quickly…Take your “normal” daily life slow at first. ##

Write down what you learned so you don’t forget. Just try and do at least  one thing per day that new to ya.##

Practice gratitude – both for your learning/growth from this experience and for the limitless opportunity available to us at home … remember we’re all now so capable of further learning & experience in a deeper way. The choice is ours. Don’t let yourself be held back. ##

Keep the same routine, to an extent of course, the healthy self sufficient one you adopted here – stop the distraction of technology & communicate your needs, drink the/kopi with friends or your neighbors etc. ##

Write yourself  a letter/make a video diary .. Try & do things for yourself, go out into nature, take yourself on adventures, go to the ocean or somewhere high, check in with yourself, when you find yourself sucked into your phone/tv/computer for a long time, shut it off & go on a walk, listen to the “Cantik” song. Remember: life/experiences are only precious because they are finite. The moon goes from phase to phase, so now is the beginning of a new phase – a new opportunity to grow and expand. ##

I’m going to keep my journal with me (possibly keep journaling) and read it if I ever feel that I am struggling emotionally. ##