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Our journey as Borom Xaalis was significant because of our different roles. This allowed us to lean on each other in various times, pooling our skill sets. Kyle helped Chris with conversation factors, for example. Kyle took the initiative to arrange transportation, among other logistics. Chris worked mostly in accounting, tracking expenses and projecting budgets. In a way, having two Borom Xaalis’ gave us more fall back on because our experiences to prior to X-phase could reinforce each other if one lost momentum. The greatest obstacle became our greatest achievement because in order for us as a group to succeed on journey, our roles had to ensure the budget could cover amenities like food and transportation. This was a large responsibility which neither of us had done before. Our job was part of a larger engine helping us move along, so no matter how big or different their responsibilities, all jobs were equally important. However daunting it was to fulfill this the payoff was extremely rewarding. We hope this offers a bird’s-eye view of this perspective.

Chris was challenged by organization, but excelled at tallying costs based on multiple sources and solving it like a puzzle. Kyle saw how important smooth communication with vendors was because it allows the transaction to move forward.