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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

X-Phase Day Four: A Surprise

Our fourth day of X-Phase brought us closer to India and deeper into the plains of Nepal as we went to visit Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha. We arrived later in the afternoon and only had a few hours to walk around, but we were able to visit the Maya Devi Temple and sit in the large lawn under flocks of birds and learn about Buddha’s lifestory and listen to some visitors from China sing prayers towards the setting sun.

The true highlight of the day was stopping to get chiya and samosas at a shop on the way. Although it is X-Phase, the instructors decided to surprise the students by visiting the Bhandari’s shop; Rishi’s parents’ place. The students were confused as to why we were stopping, but once they had a hot samosa in hand, and saw the resemblance between Rishi and his parents, they were ecstatic and did not want to leave. We were close to scrapping X-Phase plans and just remaining there all night.

Being an instructor can be challenging sometimes as it is hard to share our personal and professional lives, but having had the chance to blend the two, albeit briefly, was really meaningful for both us and the students.

Tomorrow we head back north to begin our transference. We will be staying at a hillside resort for five days to have our final hurrah before we separate.