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X-Phase: Jabatodo, Fittowo and Tawkat

We took on roles in x-phase that revolved around supporting the well being of the group. Shelter, water, health, and upholding relationships with the community are pivotal on any semester course. As Tawkat, the group relied on Shannon to make sure the medical kits were available and to provide safe drinking water, whether that was through filtering, treating from a well or going to a boutique to buy two ten liters. The role of Jabatodo, done by Akiva, pushed the other students to maintain their greetings, goodbyes, and general communication with communities we met along the trip. This allowed our connections with the Senegalese society to stay strong. Jabatodo also took a more supportive role on course by helping filter water, checking in on other tasks, and taking phone calls. As Fittowo, Frances secured housing for the group each night and made sure everyone felt comfortable in their rooms. Housing also included home stays, which the group experienced in Timbi Madina, Guinea, during x-phase. Surveying accommodations and coordinating with Saliou and Mamadou, two of our instructors in Guinea and parts of Senegal, became second nature for Frances. When traveling in the future, navigating these basic needs will be easier for all three of us and can help us adapt to any situation when we are in a new environment.