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6-word Snapshots

Believe it or not (we can barely believe it…), the former half of bridge year has already come and gone, leaving behind memories, lessons, and emotions that have marked and moved us in our new home away from home. On a night in midcourse, under the southern constellations and ocean breeze, we decided to look back on these times through the lens of a light poetry activity. It went as follows:

  1. List a minimum of 10 memorable moments in Indonesia.
  2. Choose one.
  3. Describe that moment in a poem, using no more or no less than 30 words.
  4. Cross out 10 words from the poem, narrowing it down to 20 words.
  5. Cross out 10 more words; down to 10 now.
  6. Cross out 4 final words, whittling it down to 6.
  7. Share, reminisce, and try to guess as a group which snapshot is being represented!

Each of the 8 baby dragons, along with our instructors Chrissy and Claire, wrote one of the anonymous poetry morsels that are posted below. Even though you likely won’t understand the context of the poems, we hope you enjoy glimpsing the core essence of a handful of our most defining moments in Indonesia so far!


Secrets, frustrations, momentary sisterhood igniting fires

Di sini duduk, impeccably traced lips

Independence: family meals to coffee alone

Kissing waves / smokey nerves / watery moon

Impermanence of life; shivered, “when, God?”

Excitement and dread ahead. Keluargaku arrived

Such urgency / almost younger / loneliness again

Midnight wind, cheeks swollen with laughter

Bzzzz. Keke… JUMP. She’s crying?! Together!

The way to Lebron James: GOAT


With Love,

BY Indonesia Squad 2.0