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Two Dragons welcome the sunrise with an improvised dance atop the Andes. Photo by Ryan Gasper.

Answers to Morgan’s Questions

Hello dear students,

This yak is meant to answer Morgan’s questions and we think they are really good clarifications for all of you. So here we go:

– Should we be able to pack our daypack and everything in it inside of our main pack? Or will we mostly travel with stuff in both?

You can keep your day pack and large backpack separate, but make sure that your day bag is not completely filled. You can have essentials in it such as a layer, a water bottle, your camera, your steripen a notebook and a book. This is the stuff that you will have most of the time in your day bags during the trek, in addition to food and snacks.

– Any recommendations for type and quantity of backup (to a steripen) water treatment?

We would recommend Aquamira, which is also really good to purify water that is not totally clear. One package of it is enough for the course if you have a steripen.

– What is a culturally appropriate and technically feasible way to share music with host families? If I bring a CD would there likely be a way to listen to it?

Definitely, a CD player will most likely be the music player in most home-stays.


Much Love to you all, Really excited to see you in a little more than a week!