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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Brief Introduction Yak

Hello Fellow Group B Travelers! My name is Andrew and I am beyond thrilled to be traveling with y’all! Some quick facts about myself.

  • 19 years old
  • Born in Buffalo, NY and Raised in Beijing, China (went to school in Beijing until 7th grade)
  • Went to Saint James School in Maryland for 5 years, graduated last June
  • Avid fan of Classical and Electronic Music (I listen to anything from Tallis to Tiësto, Baroque to Bassline House)
  • Enjoy playing golf and lacrosse, cycling, running, choral singing, musicals, reading, listening to podcasts, gaming, eating…
  • Never been to South America or on an extended hike

I am very excited about going on this Odessey with a group of amazing people for three months! Peru and Bolivia are two countries that I have always seen in the history books and have not had the opportunity to venture to. The two countries appeal to me because of their natural spectacles and unique recent histories. I look forward to trekking through the heights of the Andes, immersing myself within the local community, and learning more about the Andean/Amazonian culture and pertinent global challenges together with the one and only Group B! My Spanish skills are limited (four years in high school) as well as my trekking skills, but that will not impede me from embracing every opportunity to explore novel experiences. Having spent the first half of my gap year in China, I think this second half will be the adventure of a lifetime.

I will keep this short and save the rest of my thoughts for the indelible journey that will soon transpire.

Eagerly looking forward to meeting all of you in a week and a half!