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Cordillera de los Frailes Trek

The group has been planning our Cordillera de los Frailes Trek and leaves Sucre tomorrow morning.

Here is our tentative itinerary:

Day 1: Mon, Jan 14

  • Leave Sucre at 6:30am and head to Chataquila
  • Begin trek at Chataquila and walk to cave paintings at Tumpeca
  • Camp at Chaunaca

Day 2: Tues, Jan 15

  • Walk from Chaunaca into the crater via Socapampa
  • Camp Maragua

Day 3: Wed, Jan 16

  • Day off in the crater to do mid course reflection activities and seeing some of the sites in the crater

Day 4: Thurs, Jan 17

  • Hike from Maragua to Potolo and return to Sucre from Potolo

The group is hiking with a guide from Condor Trekkers and will have limited access to communication during this time. Staff will check in regularly with Dragons admin during this time to update them on the progress of the trek.