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Nepal Semester Student's Catherine Von Holt's photograph of the Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu.

Greetings from Nepal!

College Study Abroad Nepal Spring 2019

Namaste and greetings from Nepal!

It’s been an exciting first few days. The first nights were spent in Patan as we waited for everyone to arrive and recover from their flights. Patan is a bustling urban area in the south outskirts of Kathmandu. It’s loud, dusty, and full of life. We’ll be heading back there in a few days to begin our homestays but for now, we’re taking it easy in Dhulikhel, a quieter village tucked into the terraced hillsides of the Kathmandu valley. In the morning, before the clouds roll into the valley, we watch the pink gold sun light up looming Himalayan peaks as we sip at our first cups of masala chai.

While the experience of finally being here in Nepal sinks in, we are taking time to intentionally build a group culture among ourselves. Because although we will soon forge our own individual relationships with our host families, ISP mentors, and other locals, this group of ten will be the core community and we want it to be one of honesty, openness, and support. Auspiciously, we have a wonderful cohort of humans here so we have every reason to expect that our family will be a big happy one.  We are also using this time here in Dhulikhel to do some introspection and goal setting for the next few months here in Nepal.

We’re eagerly looking forward to everything the coming months have in store for us and we can’t wait to share it here with all of you. Stay tuned!