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Two Dragons welcome the sunrise with an improvised dance atop the Andes. Photo by Ryan Gasper.

Hi I’m Maayan

Hi Everyone! I’m Maayan and I’m from the Bay Area, California. Im super excited to meet all of you guys and finally start this journey! My first semester was spent living and working in Israel. I traveled a lot both within Israel,  and to other countries. Going from living in a town where all the shops close by 8  pm, to living in an apartment in the center of one of the most exciting cities I have ever been to, was an intense, but exciting change. It  was a great experience,  but for my second semester I knew  I  wanted something different and more adventurous. After hearing about Dragons from my friend, and later reading about it, I knew this was the program that I was looking for. I can’t wait for the challenging treks, home stays,  and the Spanish immersion I have been wanting for so long.  I am passionate about human rights, psychology, photography, music, nature/the environment, exploring, and a lot more.  I come from a very outdoorsy family, where typical weekends include hiking on trails near our house, or simply  spending time outside in nature. I  have experience  with camping  and traveling, but I have never done anything to the same extent as  this program. I have definitely been counting down the days until we are finally all meeting each other in real life, and starting this incredible experience.

See you guys soon!