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Nepal Semester Student's Catherine Von Holt's photograph of the Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu.


Hi everyone!

My name is Chinelle Miller and I’m from the tropics. I hail from the beautiful country of Jamaica. I am enrolled at the University of the West Indies, in Jamaica, where I am studying to be a doctor.

I keep myself fairly busy outside of med school though as I do a bit of medical research, I dabble in visual arts and I  do some creative writing. I also spend a huge chunk of my free time doing tech based activities.

I am currently taking a gap year smack in the middle of university  in an attempt to get a better understanding of what I really want for my life. I took a solo trip to Thailand in November of 2018 where I spent roughly a month backpacking the country, immersing myself in local culture, moving form city to city and exploring a new and interesting corner of the world .

Exploration, adventure and discovery are all important things that I want from this year. I am excited and ready to be a part of the Dragons team as we take on this new adventure together.

See you guys soon!