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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.


Hey everyone!

My name is Adam Marcelo, I’m 19 years old and I’m from a suburb just outside of Boston. Of course coming from Massachusetts I am a big Patriots fan and last Sunday was a very stressful time and had many ups and downs. Anyways during high school I went to The Thacher School in southern California. I actually found out about the Dragon program from some friends in high school that had gone on previous trips and only had great things to say about it. I played football and lacrosse and also sang in choir. I’ve been singing my whole life and sing mostly classical music and really want to learn South American music. Along with music I really want to improve my Spanish speaking. I took five years of Spanish but haven’t spoken to much in a year and a half.  I applied for this Dragons program because I was excited about the places we will be visiting and for the unique opportunities such as the homestay, ISP, and the hiking and backpacking.

Currently I’m on a gap year where I’ve been doing some traveling and working. In the fall I spent two months in Brisbane, Australia and worked for the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. Over these past three months I’ve been working remote for a company and have spent most of my free time with family and friends. After the dragons program I will be living in New York with my older brother. After the summer, at the end of August, I will be attending Yale University. I hope to join an a cappella group and possibly a club sport once I get there.

I’m really excited to get to know everyone over these upcoming three months and for this unique experience that is only two weeks away.

See you all soon,


(I’m on the right and my brother is on the left)