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Students in a long tail boat in Indonesia. Photo by Aaron Slosberg, Indonesia Semester.

Introduction! :)

Hi hi hi!

I’m Lila, and I’m currently in Colombia on an incredibly special, happy, and naturally a bit challenging in a good way trip with a close family friend, getting to meet her whole family and learning so much about the lovely place she grew up. This pic is me a few days ago in Valparaíso! I grew up mostly in Portland, Maine, where I live now, and a bit in Italy.

For the first part of my gap year, I worked in Maine for a few weeks, became trained as a Let Your Yoga Dance teacher, and interned at an environmental nonprofit in New York City for 3 months. It has been wild and wonderful, and I am so so excited for what is to come!

I love to be silly, be outdoors, and think deeply. My academic passions are all over the board (biology, criminal justice, feminist studies, environmental science, social justice), and the list always seems to grow the more I read and the more people I talk to.

I also love to play guitar, look at and make (not-so-talented) art, read, journal, roll down grassy hills, practice yoga, dance, and wear mismatching socks. Have been pondering bringing a musical instrument – maybe I’ll sauce my ukulele into the pile and see if my 3 loops around the block isn’t too unbearable.

Anyhoo, so excited to meet you and learn and grow together!

xo Lila