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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Let’s Get Started! 1st Assignment

Quiredxs Dragones,

It is time to get started! We will soon be gathering to spend 3 months exploring, discovering, questioning and sitting in wonder of Pachamama together. Now that we have introduced ourselves we would love to hear from YOU! Below you will find some assignments we would like you to work on:

  1. Post an introduction YAK– Please share your first name and a photo. We are wondering WHO YOU ARE- what makes your heart sing, what do you do with your free time, why in all the places of this marvelous world did you choose Perú and Bolivia? What role does this course play in your life?
  2. Talk with an Instructor– We will be reaching out this week to plan a time we can connect with you on the phone. Please be sure to help us make this happen! We know you’ve been talking with people at Dragons and for us it’s very helpful to connect, hear your voices and answer any questions you might have!
  3. Read and Research– Please Read Why We Travel by Pico Iyer and write down your favorite quote from this article, we will be talking about this as a group when we start our course. Please also research ethnocentrism, and next to your favorite quote from Iyer finish this sentence “ethnocentrism matters because…”
  4. Contexto y Español– Start brushing up on your Spanish. Even a few minutes a day can help your neural pathways get ready! Music in Spanish is a great way to get ready too! Reading up, both from the resources Dragons sent you and beyond is also really helpful. Upside Down World is a news source that reports on Latinoamérica (in Spanish and english) and is a great resource for some context of the current happenings.

Please post your Yak as soon as possible and no later than January 30th! Keep your eyes peeled on the YAK board this week as more information about Technology, Packing and a Tentative Itinerary is coming your way soon!

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


Lxs Instructorxs