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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Pre-Course Engagement

Hello Team B friends,

It has been so wonderful connecting with you over the past few weeks over the phone, and seeing your introductions beginning to appear here on the Yak Board has us so excited to begin a new semester and adventure with you all. Just as we are preparing for this course by designing our curriculum and making decisions about our itinerary, we would like you to prepare a bit as well. We know you are actively involved in packing and spending time with family, and we would like you to take a bit of time to consider who you are and where you are going–in literal, metaphorical, and spiritual senses.

Below we have outlined three separate exercises we would like you to spend some time exploring before departing your homes. For each of these tasks do not feel like you need to dedicate hours to writing a perfectly crafted response. We would like your honest, raw thoughts. These will not be handed in, only shared with the group during our Orientation. Have fun with them and let us know if you have questions.
1) Choose three items in your home/life that you see as representing the way you exist in the world. Write a 1-2 paragraph reflection about how these possessions help tell a story about your personal culture and how you want to share that with communities you are a part of and will become a part of.

2) Find a current article or news story about Nepal. Read/listen to/watch this news story and, if helpful, take notes on its basic premise. This is intended to help you begin thinking about current events in Nepal and/or its history and culture.

3) Watch Danger of a Single Story and write a reflection about how this talk connects with your current perceptions about Nepal and Nepali culture. What is your single story of Nepal?
Looking forward to hearing all of your responses in a few short weeks!

Your I-team.