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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Student Introduction

Hi everyone! My name is Cate Hazel, and I am from Fredericksburg, Virginia. As I started to write this blog post it made it very real that in a few short weeks I will be leaving the comfort of my home and going on an adventure of a lifetime. I am sitting in my kitchen looking at the things I will soon have to say goodbye to. My two dogs, my kitchen table, my couch, my parents. The list goes on, but it excites me more than anything. I have been waiting for this experience for a long time.

I am the youngest of six children which has seriously influenced my yearning to see the world. I grew up watching my siblings travel with school groups, NOLS courses, and complete semesters abroad so I was just waiting for my time to come. Since then I have taken trips to Europe and South America, but never Asia. In school I played field hockey, lacrosse, and swam in the winter.  French, English, and History were my favorite classes.

After graduating from high school I had the opportunity to take a gap year before going to Harvard this fall. With my time off I visited National Parks, substitute taught and coached at my former school, and spent two months interning at a Montessori school in Evergreen, Colorado. The Nepal course is the culminating experience of my gap year, and I am so excited! As much as I love backpacking and hiking, the parts that I have never delved into are what drew me to this program. Learning about the Nepalese culture, how they incorporate yoga into their daily routine, and things as simple as what Nepali people eat and wear are things I cannot wait to immerse myself in.

I have always been an outgoing person, but I know this trip will push my boundaries. I have never stayed in a country long enough to truly become one with the culture and its people, so as much as I am nervous, I am extremely excited for the opportunities this trip will bring and also the ways in which it will change my world view. I cannot wait to meet all of you, and hopefully we will all come back with a new large group of friends.

See you soon!