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Students in a long tail boat in Indonesia. Photo by Aaron Slosberg, Indonesia Semester.

A glimpse of the homestay experiences in the heart of Java

Selamat pagi dari Yogyakarta!

Hi from Jogja!

Things are quite busy here as we move between language classes every morning, independent study projects in the afternoons, talks from guest speakers, lectures, visits to historic sites, and an array of activities with our homestay families here in this bustling city.

We are learning how to express ourselves and to communicate in the national language, how to weave through motorbikes and alleyways to navigate this labyrinthine place. It is a busy and productive time in our program, but we are also figuring out how to embrace the woles spirit — an Indonesian play on slow, (pronounced selow, or suh-low, and flipped). Don’t be confused by the traffic — this is a city animated by the Javanese obsession with calm, smooth, slow movements. It is in quiet moments with our homestay families that we feel this — that we learn about what it is to pause, to breathe, to attend to our senses and feel connected to the space around us.

Join us in a few quiet moments: relaxing after a neighborhood aerobics session, teaching a group of little kids with mom, helping dad sell fruit, resting after climbing all 435 stairs to the burial place of sultans, and visiting the sultan’s palace.

With gratitude,

The Instructor Team.