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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

An Update for My Fam!

Hey guys!

A few of us are currently typing these updates in an Internet Cafe in Urubamba, Peru. (This keyboard is kind of confusing, so sorry for any wonky punctuation.)

It´s been, like, five-ish days since our bus from the airport pulled up to the beautiful Casita Huaran, a sustainable farm/compound/community center/hotel near Calca. We met the amazing Tanya, whose family has owned and tended the land for generations. She employs local people when guests are around, grows everything from prickly pears to many, many types of corn, runs classes in English and other subjects for local kids, and is an all-around amazing person. We are currently in la estación de agua, or the season of rain, so we were met with tons of flora, fauna, and (you guessed it!) rain.

Anyway, I am out of my comfort zone here and totally loving it. After a day in this little town, we are almost prepared for our upcoming trek through the valley. I am all stocked up on proper deodorant (Mom, you were right about the organic stuff) and I cannot wait to see some serious views.

I have to go, but further updates forthcoming! To any friends or family reading this, I LOVE YOU! Les amo!