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Crossing the river before summiting 17,500 Pico Austria. Photo by Ella Williams (2016 Fall Semester Photo Contest, 2nd Place), South America Semester.

Arriving to El Alto

After an 8 hour bus ride from Potosi on 21st, we made it to El Alto in the early hours of the morning. We arrived at Teatro Trono and rested for a few hours before meeting our host families, who all live locally and are involved in the theatre company. Last night, we were lucky enough to attend a performance at Trono, about an annual festival called El Preste. While not everyone could follow the entire play, we were all struck by the distinct energy at Teatro Trono, there is a palpable sense of community and engagement not only at the theatre but in the region.

We are now all settled into our week long homestays, which we are partnered up for, and have spent the day exploring El Alto. On our tour of the city, we visited´cholet´buildings and took the cable car across town. In the afternoon, we spoke to Ivan, the founder of Teatro Trono about the history of the organization and how it has grown over the thirty years of its existence into the incredible place that it is today. We also completed some theatrical group exercises with him, which were a lot of fun! Tomorrow we all have days with our families, which should give us a special opportunity to engage with them and learn more about day to day life here in El Alto.

Pictures coming soon!