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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Back in Urubamba

We are back! After three days of intense trekking in the breath-taking Sacred Valley, we have returned to Urubamba from Lares. Our awesome guide Americo led us to discover the hidden beauty of nature. The trek was an impressive group effort: everyone mastered the skill of quickly assembling tents and cooking dinner. There is nothing better a hot and delicious dinner at the end of a challenging but rewarding trek!

The first day we hiked 800 meters uphill to our camp at Canchacancha and was able to see mountains and glaciers that amazed every one of us. Nature offered us a chance to meditate under the great heights and clear night sky, away from the tension and pressure of urban life. The second day saw the longest trek of this caminata. Reaching the mountain pass summit at 4600 meters, group B was rewarded with picturesque views of great lagoons, sinuous rills, and endless mountain ranges. There was a special treat for the group on day 3. We camped outside the hotspring of Lares after a short downhill trek and were able to enjoy nothing but the best of nature. Everyone had the chance to enjoy the warmth of water after a few days of frequent rain. Many thanks to the arrieros (mule drivers) who carried our big packs and camping gear for the duration of the trek, we would not have made it without them.

Now in Urubamba, we prepare for the longest and perhaps most important phase of our dragons journey–a month long homestay. Eager, excited, anxious. We will have time to hone in our language skills while also learning about the culture of the Sacred Valley.


P.S. More pictures coming soon!