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Blink of an eye

Hola a todos! The boys are all tucked into bed after our last full (very full!) day in Guatemala.  We said goodbye to our homestay families this morning and took lanchas (small motor boats) across the lago, arriving at Hotel Buenaventura at mid-morning.  Once we placed our bags in our rooms, we hiked up a ravine behind us, through the spectacular Reserva Natural, and took a series of eight thrilling zip lines, zig-zagging our way back down to the base where our lunch awaited us.  Afterward, we rounded out the afternoon with some time reflecting on the past week, writing letters to our future selves (to be sent out in a year!), and enjoying our time together with a lovely dinner.  Tomorrow morning we will arise very early and head to the airport a few hours away.  Nos vemos mañana!

Leaving San Juan La Laguna

Throwing stones into the lago near Hotel Buenaventura

Sunset this evening from our hotel.

Some shots from the outlook above San Juan.

Checking out the coffee beans during our coffee tour yesterday.

Getting a jersey signed by one of the San Juan soccer players.

The moment when Juancho’s face met his 40th birthday cake…

An alleyway in San Juan.

La cancha in San Juan, where many kids gather to play.

Walking past one of the many incredible murals in San Juan.

Hanging out in front of the yarn.

Meeting in the street.

Guarding the door to keep Juancho out while his surprise party was getting set up.