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Dear Elizabeth – Time’s Running Out!

Dear Elizabeth,

Oh, how we’ve all missed you since you departed that cold February day last week. The whole group truly enjoyed spending a week with you, Jenny, and John Luria as you explored Udaipur and visited our service sites. We were heartbroken to see you go, and even more devastated when your last-minute flight-change meant we had no chance to say goodbye. At our last lunch together, we joked that after you left we would write you Dear Elizabeth yaks in the style of the Dear Abby newspaper column. Well, here goes nothing…

I’m writing to tell you about a dilemma that’s been weighing heavily on all of our minds recently: as we enter into the sixth month of our Bridge Year and the second-to-last month in Udaipur, it’s starting to hit us – time’s running out!

There is so much left we want to do before we go and only two months left! It seems that the closer we get to the end, the more commitments we take on in a panic to fit in as much as possible before we lose the opportunity to do so. We have a group calendar full of activities, lessons, and excursions we want to squeeze in before we depart Udaipur, in addition to a very ambitious group bucket list which logs 82 activities we want to get done in the 82 days we have left (although the activities left now outnumber the days remaining). On top of that, we have IEA commitments such as dance, guitar, and rock-carving to fulfill and goals for what we want to achieve at our service sites before we depart. We are lucky to be presented with so many once-in-a-lifetime opportunities on a daily basis, and it’s tempting to say yes to all of them.

But there just aren’t enough hours in the day and I’m struggling to make every second count as days seem to slip through our grasp at exponentially greater rates. What should I do, Elizabeth?  I don’t want to leave here regretting not having done more, but I know I need to find a balance. Please help.


Major FOMO