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Dragons instructor

Hello Everyone,

My name is Mohammad Alabbadi and I will be an instructor in the Watkinson program in Jordan 2019. I am Jordanian, I come from Amman and I can’t wait to show you how beautiful Jordan is!

I will give you a brief history about myself. I grew up in Amman and went to both public and private schools, most of my teenage years went by playing football and Counter strike. I have worked in different fields as I was growing up and during my university years, I saved my parents some money as they had 3 more to take care of and made myself some wonderful friends along the way.

I studied German and English Languages as my bachelor’s degree at the University of Jordan, a place we will visit together, you will see how wonderful and surprisingly green the campus is (the food around the campus is REALLY good!). After my bachelor’s degree I took sometime off to travel and I went on a trip in South East Asia I visited Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam and that really fueled my love for traveling and adventure  and ever since I have visited most of Europe, seen the US, India and Egypt. I learned a lot there and everywhere I went I learned something about myself.

After that I worked with the Middlebury Program in Jordan, and I was surprised that I ended up discovering my country again, going places and doing activities that I never done before (we’ll do a bunch of those together  as well). During my time with the Middlebury Program I dealt with young ambitious students just as yourselves which I am happy to report that a number of them came back to work and live in Jordan.

About a year and a half ago I moved to Germany to finish my masters degree which I did and now I am getting myself ready to enter the German labor market. I missed Jordan and I am happy I have the chance to revisit it and share what I love about it with a new group of friends 🙂

This is a space as my friend and co-instructor Kevin would say a space for us to share with a light heart, share with us who you are and what you are excited about. I am Mohammad and I am gonna eat my weight in Mansaf, Falafel, Shawerma, Tahini anything and my Malfoof (it seems I cant hide my interest in food).

Looking forward to meeting every one of you!

Greetings from Kiel, Germany