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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

First Day in Calca

Hola desde Calca!

After two days of travel, we finally made it to the hotel with the group.  We are in such a beautiful area of Cusco, and have really been introducing ourselves and acclimating to the altitude. One of the highlights of these first two days has been preparing for our three day treck (who knew practicing setting up tents would be so thrilling). All the food we have been eating is coming from the garden in the beautiful hoel we are staying at. Nuestros comida favorita es el desayuno que es pan con dulce de leche o mermelada.

We are writing to you all from an internet cafe in the small, but lively town of Calca surrounded by picturesque mountains. It seems like the perfect place for the next big national geographic photoshoot! In Calca we have been given a scavenger hunt that is having us interact and converse with locals (many of them are not understanding our very prominent american accents). We were able to visit the very crowded mercados de Calca. Hay muchas frutas, verduras, pollo entero, y gente de cada edad. There were many awkward interactions, but it has made us more brave as travelers needing to ask for help.

In two days the group will embark on a three day treck.

Until then,

Abby, Henry, and Sabrina