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Two Dragons welcome the sunrise with an improvised dance atop the Andes. Photo by Ryan Gasper.

First Trek

Hello everyone! What great first trek! First, we packed up, left Cochabamba, and descended into Toro Toro National Park, where we met our guides, Don Mario and his daughter Lina. Don Mario is a truly amazing person. He knows the park like the back of his hand, and hearing about the land formations, stories about the park, and his life was truly amazing. We followed him like sheep, wherever he led us, we went. We journeyed over high peaks and through low valleys, past massive boulders, spiky cacti, and coolest of all, fossilised T-Rex tracks. While all this was beautiful, the best part of the trip was the strengthening of the bonds between our group. When one person had too much weight on their pack, someone was always there to help out. When one person was falling behind, we slowed down and tried to stay as a group. Through all the tests of strength, we persevered. Now, we´re in Tiquipaya for three weeks! I´m struggling getting used to this keyboard but slowly picking it up… It has been a great week and few days (feels like it´s been so much longer!), and I can´t wait to see all this city has in store for our group!