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Hi everyone! My name is Rachel and I am a senior at Milton Academy. I come from Vancouver, Canada (best place ever), so I currently reside in my dorm Millet House. I’ve lived in China, Canada, and the United States.

At Milton Academy, I currently take Three Writers, Globalization, Spanish, Statistics, and Asian American history. My favorite class (es) has been a tie between two that I took during the first semester: Religions of the Middle East and History of the Middle East. These classes give me the opportunity to understand the history behind what is going on today. For history of the Middle East, I learned about the effects of colonialism in the Middle East, and how that has affected the political/social structure. For Religions, one of my favorite experiences was reading Tariq Ramadan’s What I Believe, which discusses Ramadan’s view on the intersections between Muslim and Western ideals. This book forced me to question my own biases when I read the media and made me a better listener during discussions. Honestly, by taking those two classes, I wanted more and more to go on the Jordan trip.

Outside of academics, I participate in Milton’s political organizations such as Public Issues Board and Slant (publication). I love playing a good ole game of volleyball with my friends and my team and going to the games always hypes me up. I also enjoy reading in my bed while simultaneously watching a good TV show (Scandal, The Handmaid’s Tale, Prison Break, etc.) On the other hand, traveling is something that I always look forward to. I have been to places such as Maldives, China, Taiwan, Jamaica, Singapore, etc. I love going to different places because I am a HUGE FOODIE. Before any trip, I will go on Instagram to stalk the food pages. I’m doing that for Jordan too!

For this Jordan trip, I am most excited and nervous about my homestay. I’m excited because I have the opportunity to fully immerse in a culture that is so different from mine and one that I have only seen on Western media. I think the nerves come from the fact that I will have to overcome a language and cultural barrier but I’m still excited nonetheless. It’s less than a month until Jordan, and I’m counting down!! Looking forward to sharing this experience with everyone and learning more about myself.