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Hi everyone!

I’m D’Anique and I’m a Junior at Milton Academy. I’m a local boarder from Boston, MA but my family is from the Dominican Republic. Two years ago I went to D.R for the first time and so far it has been the furthest I’ve ever been from home. I only knew a little bit of Spanish, but the language barrier didn’t stop me from making close friends with a few of my family’s neighbors, and now I feel more at home in D.R. It wasn’t too much of culture shock because I was used to being around Dominican culture with my family in the U.S, but I’m hoping I can still use what I learned there about becoming accustomed to a new environment while we’re in Jordan.

I’m in Mr. Emmott’s U.S in the Modern World class and in my free time I usually like to play basketball or draw.

I’m excited about our Jordan trip because I’m very interested in middle eastern culture and seeing what life in Jordan is really like. I’m also excited about learning arabic, staying with my homestay family, and trying new things. I feel like this trip will teach me a lot and I hope it will be an unforgettable experience.