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Hello from Pgh!

Hello, everyone!  I am Ms. Cerniglia, a history teacher from Sewickley Academy. This will be my third time to Jordan and the last time I was there was in 2016 with Dragons, Mr. Emmott, and five other teachers from across the country. It was an amazing experience and I am very much looking forward to sharing Jordan with all of you again. As Elley said, each time it is like seeing it with a fresh pair of eyes.

I have been teaching 23 years and currently teach AP European history and a series of rotating electives including World Religions, Modern Middle East, Contemporary World Issues, Global Game (a gamified class!), Creative Resistance (about art and politics), and Modern East Asia. I love to travel and read global literature. Since I also love working with students, I’m lucky to have found myself the best job ever.

My husband and I have two daughters, eight and twelve. We also have a bunny named Mochi who just recently joined the family (extra pic attached).  Favorite food is ice cream, hands-down.  But in Jordan, my favorite food is Kanafeh (here is my review of my favorite place from last time). Clearly I have a sweet tooth, but I work really hard to keep it at bay.

Keep those intros coming– can’t wait to meet you all!