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Hello! My name is Malia. I can’t wait to meet all of you! Like some other students on the trip, I am also a day student at Milton Academy, but since my parents both teach at Milton, I live right on the edge of school campus with my two sisters.

At Milton, I am involved in many student publications and creative writing classes, but after school, you can often find me outdoors or at home babysitting my youngest sister. I recently returned home from a semester program in Vershire, Vermont where I spent time working on a farm with forty-three other high-schoolers, so I am looking forward to yet another incredible opportunity to learn in an environment outside of my Milton home.

I believe that some of our best learning is done through cultural immersion, and I look forward to continuing my role as a global citizen by learning about Jordanian culture, meeting new people (all of you and my homestay family), trying new food, and learning some Arabic. Thank you so much for running this trip for all of us, and I look forward to meeting everyone in fourteen days!