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Hoy es viernes…

…is a favorite song in Spanish class and was sung at high volume as we rolled towards Lagos Atitlán. With a group so large, we’ve been traveling in two buses instead of one, and I was grateful to be in a more compact vehicle for less car sickness as we wound down the volcanic hillside on our descent. (To be clear – no one got sick… just a few complaints of queasiness.)

Before we reached the lake though, we visited Iximche and learned about the governer’s palace and ball courts at these Mayan ruins. I think boys surprised our guide with their knowledge of Mayan weaponry…I certainly didn’t know half of the things they mentioned.

Once we reached San Juan, we zigzagged up rock stairs overlooking the lake to reach our hotel rooms. Ms. HS says that we could have been in a scene from Mama Mia. We ate a delicious dinner of chicken skewers, rice, guacamole, vegetables, and tortillas before participating in an intention setting ceremony on the lake’s shore. Boys retired to their rooms where they were encouraged to take a hot shower so that they can make a good first impression when they meet their host families tomorrow. The energy is high – they are nervous and ready!

Alas, I’m having some internet connectivity issues so no pictures tonight. We’ll get some up once boys are with their homestays tomorrow.