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Hua Hin Lad Nai

Our days in Hua Hin Lad Nai village begin early, with the sound of roosters rising well before dawn. Our homestay mothers then join us in our rooms to weave for a while before heading to the gardens to collect vegetables to cook, first to feed the monks who come each day to receive “alms” and second to feed us and our host families. After breakfast we gather to learn Thai language and different aspects of “hill tribe” life, the various realities they face, their unique worldview and how they are integrating their ancient methods of learning and living with a rapidly changing world. Our hosts lives are entirely interwoven with the forest around them. So each day we journey with them several times into the dense jungle to collect everything needed for daily life. Today we visited with the local abbot, the head monk to learn a bit about life within a bhuddist “sangha”. This evening we are looking forward to sharing stories and songs with the elders and other members of the community under the breathtaking sky of stars overhead. We are bit sad to have to leave so soon, as tomorrow we already bid fairwell..

Image captions from top to bottom

  • Villagers weaving
  • Rice processing
  • Learning about bees and honey
  • Tea processing
  • Features image: all the old growth forest was cut down 30 years ago by lathe logging companies. All except this tree.