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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.


Hi everyone!

My name is Jane and I’m from Brooklyn. Some of my hobbies include: reading, baking, rollerblading, and pottery. I also love listening to music and exploring NYC with my friends. I decided to take a gap year before starting college next fall because I wanted to decompress after a stressful high school experience, learn some practical new skills, and spend some quality time out in nature. I have spent most of my time so far working on a farm in Vermont and spending time with family and friends. In Vermont I learned how to milk cows, butcher chickens and make ice cream, yogurt, and butter. I loved working closely with animals and being immersed in a beautiful natural environment. I have been cooped up at home for a few weeks and am very much looking forward to beginning the next phase of my year!

I am super excited about trekking through the rain forest and the mountains and to visit Machu Picchu. Although I have taken Spanish throughout middle school and high school, I am not super confident in my speaking abilities. On this trip I hope to become much more comfortable conversing in Spanish. Most importantly, I’m very excited to meet all of you and hear about your gap years/college experiences! I can’t wait to get to know you all!


(The picture is of me on the farm with my favorite cow Misty, but it was taken before I cut my hair really short)